Some advantages of inspection line


2023/02/18 20:47

The car inspection hall of the car inspection line in Beitai Xiyuan, Pingshan District, Shunmei Fruit and Vegetable Supermarket in Sanjiang Jinxiu Homeland, Mingshan District, Mahjong Hall, Building 2, Sanjiang Jinxiu Homeland, Mingshan District, Caibei Tiantian Win Mahjong Hall, Xihu District, Firefighting Duoduo Stretched Noodles Store, Firefighting Juyou Chess and Card Room, Mingshan District, Spicy Fish First Product opposite the Second High School, Dongming Road, Pingshan District, Zhonghefa Convenience Store, Hedong Houshi Hall, Xihu District, Braided Fried String Store.

According to the requirements, our detachment organized personnel to carry out the preliminary inspection and acceptance of the mobile motorcycle inspection line in Lipu, Guangxi. Now the relevant information of the preliminary inspection is announced as follows:

During the law enforcement inspection on the night of January 12, illegal dumping of solid waste was found on the south side of the Zhongkai inspection line in Shiguai District. The law enforcement personnel immediately ordered them to clean up the dumping of solid waste and orally warned them not to dump solid waste at will.

Related reading: According to the Fujian news report, Mr. Wang drove 1.7 million Land Rover to the inspection line for annual inspection. Unexpectedly, he saw his car burst next to him.

It was reported that some time ago, because the vehicle was nearing the annual inspection deadline, Mr. A drove 1.7 million Land Rover to the annual inspection line, but he saw his car burst next to him.

Create a mobile inspection line for motorcycles. Through the establishment of 9 motorcycle movement detection lines, an average of 120 motorcycles were registered every month, and about 690 motorcycles were inspected.

The vehicle management office is located in the logistics service hall on the first floor of Building 3, Jida First Hospital. Hospital staff can enjoy the green channel service of the vehicle inspection line, that is, no queuing and priority for vehicle inspection; When a medical examination is required after the expiry of the validity of the driver's license, the mobile service vehicle of the vehicle management office and the medical police cooperative medical examination vehicle can provide on-site service for hospital staff once every half a month.

Building 27, Block F, Blue Kangqiao, Xinglongtai District, Building 14, Hepanfu District, Xinglongtai District, Building 32, Block A, Blue Kangqiao, Xinglongtai District, Building 33, Phase II, Meijun, Xishan, Dawa District, Sunshine International, Xinglongtai District, C1, Shengli Primary School, Xinglongtai District, Borui Post-school Class, South Gate of Shengli Primary School, Xinglongtai District, Zhongtong Express Sorting in Shengxi Car Inspection Line Yard, North Gate of Tsinghua Park, Dawa District, West Campus of Dawa Experimental Primary School, Honglin Auto Circuit Home, Dawa Auto Parts City Building 40, Zirun Mingdu, Xinglongtai District, Building 42, Sijicheng Community, Shuangtaizi District

At present, the Chairman of the Board of Directors still focuses the Group's main business on the third and fourth tier cities in the northeast region, including Changchun, Harbin, Jilin, Tonghua, Liaoyuan, Suihua and Baicheng, and plans to enter the automobile terminal sales markets in Baishan, Siping, Songyuan, Yanji, Daqing, Mudanjiang and other cities in the next 1 to 3 years to achieve full coverage of the automobile sales markets in Jilin Province and southern Heilongjiang Province. In his 20xx report, the Chairman stressed that in addition to carrying out business in the above-mentioned cities and supporting the local auto economy, he should continue to enrich and expand the business scope, including auto evaluation, auction, motor driving school, second-hand car market, motor vehicle inspection line and other businesses, and continue to strengthen the sales of auto parts.