How to choose real estate projects


2023/02/18 20:47

Establish the tracking contact of the real estate project and timely feedback the progress of the project so as to find, coordinate and solve problems. Ensure that real estate enterprises operate real estate development projects in accordance with the annual land supply plan, and obtain the land use right in the way of unified bidding, auction and listing. At the same time, strictly handle the procedures for land use, project approval, planning, construction and sales of real estate enterprises. Control the market access of real estate projects, strictly examine the qualification conditions of real estate development enterprises, and severely crack down on the withdrawal of registered capital and project capital, and the unauthorized or over-scope real estate development and operation.

The raised capital investment project is intended to be invested in the real estate projects developed by the company in Shanghai and under construction. These projects are rigid and improve the reasonable housing demand. The state's financing support for high-quality real estate enterprises and high attention to real estate projects have created a good policy environment for the smooth implementation of the project.

The introduction of the means that the general direction of real estate financing has shifted from restriction to support. Before that, the financing of real estate was mainly based on credit policy. At the same time, the rescue direction of the real estate market was, but the fact proved that it had no obvious effect on the bail-out of the insured property and the real estate market. The 16 adjustments were made to this, and the future direction is.

In late November, in order to promote the stock revitalization, risk prevention, and transformation and development of the real estate market, five measures (hereinafter referred to as "five real estate") were put forward in equity financing, and the real estate industry was supported in equity financing, and many restrictions on real estate enterprises' mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, financing, and refinancing through the capital market were released. Among them, the five real estate articles clearly propose to guide the raised funds to be used for the real estate business of policy support, and include the relevant real estate projects into the scope of policy support.

And as the focus of this new policy, we will ensure the stability of indirect financing of real estate by encouraging banks to provide reasonable credit for real estate, supporting the reasonable extension of stock financing such as development loans and trust loans, and gradually loosening the financial management policies including the two centralized loans, and releasing new regulations such as restrictions on real estate investment through trust channels; At the same time, we will continue to support high-quality real estate enterprises to issue bonds, encourage distressed real estate enterprises to actively communicate with each other to mitigate risks, and support bond issuers to repurchase bonds in domestic and overseas markets, which will help restore the direct financing channels of real estate. In addition, and other policies respond to the difficulties in the current link of building guarantee and delivery, helping to promote the resolution of the risk of uncompleted projects.