Tripod Spring

The project is located at the southern side of the Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport of the new area of the city's sub-central airport. It is adjacent to Lushun North Road in the north, Lushun Middle Road in the south, and Zhangqian Road in the west. It is adjacent to the western corridor and Shugang Road. The whole project is surrounded by mountains, sitting on the natural landscape of Shimen Mountain, the western suburbs of the National 4A National Forest Park, near the northeast Pearl Park. The school is equipped with educational, cultural and commercial facilities. It has a dual-destination school district, including Ganjingzi experimental primary school and Yuwen Middle School. It also has a Ganjingzi District Library, Dalian Children's Palace and Tesco supermarket.

Penghui New Century Yujingxuan

The beautiful environment is not only a part of the comfortable life of residents in the community, but also can add some romance to the city and make the city more flexible and lively. The successful development of the "Penghui New Century" project has set sail for the high-quality life of residents in the eastern part of the city. A single flower is not spring. The garden is full of flowers. Facing the expectations of citizens, "Penghui New Century (Phase V) - Yujingxuan" will bloom again.

Penghui Xintianju

In Nanguanling, the northernmost part of Ganjingzi District, Pengsheng Enterprise has made every effort to expand the new version of happy life. "Penghui New Tianju", a real estate located in an important corridor area closely connected with Dalian, Jinzhou District and Economic and Technological Development Zone, is 20 minutes' drive from Jinzhou District and Economic and Technological Development Zone. Its geographical location, connecting the chessboard bath in the west and Shenyang-Dalian Expressway in the east, makes the fast-paced noise of the city hidden in the mountains and forests, comfortable and comfortable.

Shimenshan affordable housing

Pengsheng Shimenshan affordable housing project is another large-scale livelihood project newly developed by Dalian Pengsheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. in the south of Shimenshan, Shahekou District in 2008 and 2009, following the concept of "Kunpeng thousands of miles, life for the people" and the spring affordable housing project in Ganjingzi District.

Spring affordable housing

Dalian Spring Economic Housing Project is a key government project developed and constructed by Dalian Pengsheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. in 2007. In response to the call of the municipal government to solve the people's worries and solve the people's difficulties, our company invested more than 200 million yuan in advance to focus on building the people's poverty relief housing under the condition of tight funds.

Penghui New Era

The idea of expanding the pioneer area in the north of the city in front of the airport and the development of the big Dalian city from the west to the north endows this area that was once forgotten by the real estate industry with more brilliant future. The "Penghui New Era" community, which covers an area of 24000 square meters and a building area of 43000 square meters, leads the landscape of life with its new development concept.  

Penghui Haoyi Family

Today's college temperament, tomorrow's outstanding group. Adjacent to many colleges and universities and key primary schools such as Northeast University of Finance and Economics and Dalian Fisheries University, "Penghui Haoyi Home", the price of working class, enables ordinary people to realize their dream of living in Xuefu District.  

Penghui New Century

The magnificent and unique buildings, the vast water body of microwave, the trees swaying with the wind, the pieces with a lingering charm,... What flows inadvertently is the long-lost urban cultural leisure, and the quiet Zhiyuan that can only be understood but can not be expressed.
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