2014 Summer Housing Trade Conference · Sanding Spring

On July 14, 2014, the Dalian Summer Housing Trade Conference with the theme of "choosing Dalian for real estate, the most favorable in the housing exhibition" was grandly opened in the Xinghai World Expo Plaza, and the project of "Pengsheng · Sanding Spring" was once again shining.



The layout of the booth is unique. While continuing the European architectural style, the European beauty in gorgeous clothes and the international famous cars are all fascinating. At the same time, the unique activity content is also perfectly integrated with the exhibition hall; The fred band, ballet performance, and the auction of excellent houses and other programs full of passion and joy make the exhibition area the most dazzling star in the venue.

The western-style house products grandly launched at the exhibition undoubtedly show the charm of high-quality living to the people of Dalian. Homebuyers who have a high pursuit of living quality, on the basis of the resources of the central school district of the city, build a European-style forest water city community, with its unique household-wide view and 360-degree panoramic houses, making [Pengsheng · Sanding Spring] one of the most popular projects since the opening of the exhibition.

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