Penghui Real Estate Development

Dalian Penghui Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001. With tenet of “All for people” and philosophy of “civilian-oriented”, we have set up image by credit, regarded the growth of economical and social benefit as our goal, and made contribution to the development of social economy. In terms of management, we adopt “human-oriented” management to bring staff’s talents into full display. With working style of “Innovation, practicality, credit, and efficiency”, in short few years, we have blossomed into a powerful force in real estate industry of Dalian.




We have developed nearly ten residential and public construction programs. Squatter settlement and low-lying flooding area of Heishijiao were replaced with Penghui Square---an elegant high grade residential area surrounded by trees under the blue sky, which was well appraised by the provincial and municipal leaders. In 2002, we undertook and completed the removal and reconstruction program of Dalian Standard Component Foundry and Dalian Cast Steel Plant and constructed “Penghui New Century” residential area, which brought the disabled in fund for daily living and work and promoted the social stability in this area. Through four years of construction, this area has become a modern residential area that enjoys beautiful view and convenient traffic. The area awarded a series of honors, such as “China Healthy Residential Area”, “Liaoning Star Building”, and “Dalian Top 10 Residential Area”. In 2007, we will bring the local people in “Penghui New Century Yujingxuan” and “Penghui Xintianju”.


In future, we will insist on the scientific concept of development, carry forward the spirit of “struggling and diligence”, be human-oriented, strive in innovation, and strengthen management to improve our comprehensive cohesive force and make Penghui topping.