Dalian Haizhongquan Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Founded in July 2006, Dalian Haizhongquan Real Estate Co., Ltd. specializes in repairs, replacements, over-all properties check station, and rescue for automobile, real estate development, and house agency, etc. Covering an area of nearly 30,000sq.m, it is situated on No. 16, Yingke Road, Ganjingzi District, Dalian. Under the company is Dalian Sky Automobile Repair Plant and Dalian Automobile Over-all Properties Check Station.


Founding in 1984, Dalian Sky Automobile Repair Plant integrate repair, rescue and inspection for imported and homemade medium- and high-grade cars, such as Cadillac, Lincoln, Lexus, Toyota, and Audi, etc. As a Grade A repair plant, it has workshop of 15,000sq.m, total assets of over RMB 24million, more than 20 senior technicians and 30 killed workers, and Italian paint spray booth, Dupond paint, and special computers for General, Chrysler, Ford, Volkswagen, and Shenlong Fukang, etc. Under the plant is Automobile Repair & Rescue, Production Hall, and Repair Shop, Fittings Shop. The plant has been awarded a series of honors, such as “Liaoning Automobile Repair Quality Unit”, “The Enterprise Abiding Contract and Being Trustworthy”, “Advanced Unit”, “Advanced Enterprise”, “AA Credit Enterprise”, and “Civilized Unit of the National System of Communication and Transportation of the Ministry of Communications”. It has been designated as one of the appointed plants for the maintenance of automobiles of government of official affairs.




Founded in Aug 1998, Dalian Automobile Over-all Properties Check Station is a Grade A station approved by Liaoning Provincial Communications Road Transport Administration Bureau and certified by Liaoning Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. The station employs 26 staffs including eight medium- and senior-titled technicians and twelve inspectors with work license, and has a workshop of nearly 10,000sq.m., and more than 20 sets of advanced equipments (that’s about RMB 5million) at home and abroad, such as laser detection four-wheel angle tester, chassis dynamometer, and engine analyzer. To keep pace with times, the station had equipment modification in 2004 and passed the certification of Liaoning Provincial Communications Road Transport Administration Bureau.


The inspection station has undertaken the comprehensive performance of vehicles in Ganjingzi District and quality inspection of maintained vehicles in Grade-II factories. During these years, it has done the business well under the direction of traffic bureau and quality supervision department. It also gains the advanced honor of comprehensive performance inspection station.