Liaoning Painting Calligraphy Institute


Here the ancient oriental culture merges the western culture, and artists communicate with all walks of life.


Thanks to the concern and support from the governmental leaders and cultural institute,Liaoning Painting Calligraphy Institute was located in Dalian—a beautiful coastal city. Since then, there is a bright cultural scenery in the sparkling peninsula.





The institute integrates creation, communication, research, exhibition, sales, writing, editing, mounting and teaching, under the tenet of “exerting national culture and strengthening world art”. Adhering to the CPC’s policy and Deng Xiaoping’s theory, the institute expresses real life, propagandizes the mainstream and inspires people by perfect works. It strives to be individual to promote the Chinese painting and calligraphy to the Asia, even the world. Under the leadership of the President Zhan Gu, the institute gathers many industrial celebrities and combines the Chinese traditional and western modern art, which greatly promotes the culture development of Dalian. We strive to be the center of creation, science, information and training in the North and China, and become the Northern China Private Art Institute.


The institute promotes the works to the market for the reform and open-up and economic as well as civilization construction. “Paint the natural beauty and leave the eternal love.” We would like to join hands with the society, overseas talents and commercial industry, and make Liaoning well-known in the world.