Pengsheng Enterprise 2011 hiking trip

At 8:00 a.m. on May 21, 2010, Dalian Xinghaiwan Square was singing and laughing, and the 9th Dalian International Hiking Conference opened with the joyful singing. The hiking conference welcomed the enthusiastic participation of more than 100000 citizens.

This activity also received the strong support of our company's leaders, and employees actively responded and participated. In the process of more than two hours of hiking, more than 200 cadres and employees of our company completed the whole 10-kilometer journey with strong perseverance and indomitable spirit. Through this activity, it not only shows the spirit of our cadres and employees, but also cultivates the team spirit of our comrades, and also presents a new and vigorous image of Pengsheng people, which greatly inspires all comrades to devote themselves to the great cause of "leapfrog development" of the company.


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