Pengsheng Enterprise Youth League, on behalf of Ganjingzi District Committee, participated in the fun sports meeting for youth members of the two new organizations

On September 27, Pengsheng Enterprise sent a delegation of 12 people to participate in the two newly organized Youth Fun Games hosted by the Dalian Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League. Since the founding of the Youth League Committee, Pengsheng Enterprise has actively responded to the call of the Youth League Municipal Committee and the District Committee and participated in the collective activities of the Communist Youth League. By participating in this interesting sports meeting, the enterprise has been integrated into the work of the two new organizations in our city, and at the same time, it has improved the cohesion of the enterprise's Youth League organization and cultivated the collective spirit of the youth league members.

The enterprise athletes competed with the representative teams from all counties and cities in the city, and participated in the fun events such as collective rope skipping, kangaroo ball clip, snowball, harvest and race, tug-of-war and so on. During the competition, the enterprise athletes actively participated in the competition, fearless of hardship and tiredness, and were brave to take the lead, and competed happily, demonstrating the enterprise spirit of Pengsheng people's "forever surpassing themselves". It is particularly worth mentioning that in the tug-of-war event, the athletes on the field worked together and bravely, and the cheerleaders off the field cheered and cheered, and finally achieved the top four good results in this single event. Although the athletes are tired, they have high morale, and the final result of the competition is no longer important. Everyone in the collective has gained happiness in the competition process of mutual cooperation and joint research, and has also experienced the collective spirit of solidarity and friendship. The enterprise's league organization construction has also been further improved.

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