Normalization of enterprises' participation in the construction of civilized cities

Pengsheng is an enterprise with a sense of social responsibility. They responded to the call of their superiors to support and participate in the creation of a national civilized city by creating a "civilized enterprise", re-certified the enterprise's concept of "Kunpeng thousands of miles, life for the people", and gave it a new connotation. It is clear that serving the people's livelihood and social harmony should not only be condensed in the construction goals and achievements, but also reflected in the construction process and service process. For this reason, they put the solution of the practical problems of the relevant citizens in the forefront. The group company set up a social and public information office to collect public information in real time and put it on the agenda of the daily regular meeting.

Recently, according to the rainy season in Dalian, especially the passing of "Meihua" typhoon, the whole group mobilized to set up a typhoon and flood control headquarters to protect the interests of the masses, formulated an emergency action plan, and strictly enforced various on-duty patrol systems. On this basis, a wide range of emergency rescue and repair operations were carried out. On July 28, Sun Mingnan, the chairman of the group company, led the company's senior executives and expert team to go to the property management company to understand the situation of flood control and risk elimination, and worked on the site, so that 18 difficult problems could be solved. Next, the property management company began to dredge the underground drainage pipeline, and the residential building was leaky and waterproof. The Engineering Department will enter from late June to backfill the slopes and pits of the project under construction in time; Check the shotcrete and anchor works of the built retaining wall. Due to the illegal land reclamation by residents in Shimenshan Community, the flood discharge channel was blocked by dam reclamation, which caused the dam collapse to be found in time. In order to ensure the safety of residents, although not within the scope of responsibility, they still actively rush to repair and coordinate with the urban management department to do a good job of ideological guidance for the masses, and strive to solve the problem from the source.

On August 8, Lu Jiang, the secretary of the Party Committee and the general manager of the group company, led the heads of all departments to carry out a dragnet inspection of the project sites, and checked the outdoor billboards, road signs, site fences and key flood control parts and facilities one by one to ensure that they are safe. After doing well in his own affairs, Pengsheng also responded to the government's call to do good to the society and the public. At the end of July, in order to provide children with a comfortable and safe learning environment, Pengsheng completed the maintenance and reconstruction of Penghui Primary School in half a month at the request of surrounding primary schools and parents. On July 25, it was raining cats and dogs. In order to help the trapped people, Pengsheng Enterprise dispatched all five minibuses, driving 1500 kilometers in the rain from 9 a.m. to midnight, and took more than 1500 trapped people home. This moving story was reported by many news media. After that, on August 8, the group company, in cooperation with the New Business Daily, the Municipal Civilized Office and the Municipal Traffic Police Detachment, launched the "Love Car" campaign, determined to make urban civilization into details.

While benefiting the people, Pengsheng has not forgotten to care for his employees. During the rainy season, a shuttle bus was designated for pregnant female employees, and female employees were not allowed to work in dangerous weather.

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