Sun Mingnan, Chairman of Pengsheng Enterprise Board of Directors, attended the World Economic Organization Summer Davos Forum

As the leader of member enterprises of global growth companies, Sun Mingnan, the chairman of the board of directors of Pengsheng Enterprise, the youngest entrepreneur in the history of the Davos Forum, shouldered the heavy trust of the group enterprises and all employees, and once again attended the fifth Summer Davos Forum held by the World Economic Forum in Dalian, China, from September 14 to 16.

Sun Mingnan, as a young commander of a modern enterprise, always pays attention to the development of the national economy and the trend of improving the transformation of enterprises with his unique and distinctive spirit and political vision. At this forum, he delivered many innovative theoretical views on different topics on different occasions, which attracted the attention of entrepreneurs, experts and politicians at home and abroad. At the same time, it also puts forward more ambitious goals for the future development of Pengsheng Group. Its main points are:

He believed that the theme of "focusing on the quality of growth and mastering the economic pattern" in this forum was clear and far-reaching. Qualitative growth includes both sustainable growth and opportunities for personal development. The quality of growth is the fundamental purpose of economic development and the basic condition for mastering the pattern, while mastering the pattern is for more effective quality of growth. Economic development should not only focus on quantity, but also on quality. "Growth and success may cover up many mistakes. If we simply try to save time and take shortcuts, regardless of health, the solid foundation will collapse, and we will pay for it in the future." Therefore, the key to mastering the economic pattern is the quality of growth. If the quality of growth is improved, the socio-economic pattern will also develop healthily and orderly.

He believed that "economic growth should not be at the expense of the environment". In order to develop the economy in the new pattern, in addition to the necessary quantitative indicators, we should also pay attention to qualitative indicators. The qualitative indicators are mainly as follows: first, growth should not be so-called growth at the expense of the environment, and growth should take into account the sustainability of national and public interests; Second, growth should help to meet the basic requirements of society. The most intuitive manifestation of economic quality is the people's livelihood. It is the people's access to employment, education, social security, medical and health care, guaranteed housing and public services from economic growth. In addition, growth means providing more employment opportunities to society, thus promoting social progress and improving national welfare.

He believed that the level of economic development of a region and a city cannot depend solely on the number of GDP. "It depends on the happiness index of the people, the improvement of the environment, the transformation of industries, and technological innovation. This is a qualitative growth."

He believed that "the quality of growth depends on people first, and we should train the employees of enterprises as entrepreneurs, which is by no means empty talk". To "achieve quality growth, enterprises should choose the right people and use the right people". To achieve this is also the responsibility and contribution of the enterprise to the society.

He said, "The next 10 years are very important for China. The rising financial costs and labor costs have restricted the economic development, so it is urgent to improve the quality of economic growth through industrial transformation and upgrading

He said, "The formulation of the objectives of the National Twelfth Five-Year Plan shows that the government pays more attention to the quality of economic growth. This is the biggest test, test and challenge for every enterprise." "In the next ten years, in addition to doing a good job in real estate, we should also achieve financial investment and enter agriculture and commerce. Enterprise development must be based on social stability and urban demand to seek sustainable development, otherwise there is no other way to go."

He said that as the youngest leader of Pengsheng Enterprise, he should continue to uphold his own corporate culture and abide by the enterprise's development strategy declaration, that is, "Kunpeng will live a long life for the people". "Innovate good deeds and build responsible enterprises with practical actions; 50 million public welfare funds, inherit charity as the blood of the people; ensure people's livelihood, Pengsheng has always been at the forefront of the industry; be a good leader, and take great steps to lead Pengsheng to continue its glory!"

During the Summer Davos Forum, Comrade Sun Mingnan was also honored to receive a special interview from Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council and Mr. Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Davos Forum. According to the plan and arrangement of the municipal leaders and relevant departments, as the representative of the city's entrepreneurs, he also personally greeted Mr. Locke Jiahui, the first Chinese Ambassador of the United States to China, and his delegation at the airport. At the hotel where he stayed, he discussed the achievements of Dalian's economic and social development, the implementation of the scientific concept of development, cohesion, the construction of a prosperous, beautiful and civilized Dalian, and the development of Pengsheng enterprises, They directly conducted multi-level talks and exchanges in English.

Time will once again predict that under the guidance of the national "12th Five-Year Plan", with the strong support of the Party and government departments at all levels, and with the joint efforts of all employees of the enterprise, a more vibrant and energetic Pengsheng enterprise will be able to achieve new leapfrog development and make greater contributions to the ancient and modern city of Dalian.

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