Pengsheng Enterprise carried out a series of activities to make the "cohesion discussion" move forward from the ideological level to the practical stage

Dalian Pengsheng Group Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the decision of the municipal party committee and government to carry out the grand discussion activity of "deeply implementing the scientific concept of development and building a prosperous, beautiful and civilized Dalian" in the whole city, and believes that this is a major event related to the overall situation of Dalian construction, is to unify the people's ideology of the whole city, highlight that construction should reflect the will of the people, and construction should rely on the strength of the people, The results should be shared with the people as a strategic action. At the same time, a harmonious and stable Dalian is the condition for our rapid development. As a large private enterprise with a sense of social responsibility, Pengsheng must take the lead in participating in the process of the big discussion and promoting the results of the discussion. The party committee of the company issued a big discussion plan, established a special leading group, and combined with the actual situation of the enterprise, stipulated four aspects of learning materials, and formulated five aspects of discussion topics. The president of the company made a mobilization speech in person. From the perspective of global economic development and the experience of participating in the World Economic Forum, the chairman of the board of directors made a speech to everyone that "enterprises should pursue development quality, provide qualified products and services for the society, and improve social satisfaction with their own actions". During the discussion, they insisted on being realistic and pragmatic and committed to transforming the big discussion into work and construction achievements. Organize all employees, especially cadres, to offer suggestions on the direction of the company's construction and the scientific management of specific projects. Combine the production and construction practice every day, summarize and summarize together, and constantly pursue optimization. During the discussion, they firmly grasped the two joint points of internal harmony and social stability, cared for and respected employees internally, and created a harmonious enterprise; Use products and services and good image to build harmonious social relations, so as to make its own contribution to the harmony of the whole society. Conduct heart-to-heart interaction among all employees. Understand the difficulties and problems of the staff and workers, find out and subsidize two employees whose families have difficulties.

On October 17, organize all employees to carry out routine annual health examination. In combination with the recent death accident of the construction project in the brother unit, the company reiterated that the construction must take human safety as the first need, and carried out a top-down safety inspection. Externally, after inheriting two affordable housing projects, we recently undertook the construction of 1200 public rental houses in Houge, and will break ground in November. In order to promote the effect of the big plan theory entering the substantive stage, the company decided to invest 50 million yuan to do a good job in urban philanthropy, and at the same time, invest another 2000 yuan to inject funds into the philanthropy in the urban fringe of Wanxiang City, so as to support the ability to help the needy people there, and contribute to social harmony and stability. At the same time, the activities of entering the military camp were carried out. On the one hand, the party members and cadres of the company were invited to receive revolutionary traditional education in the military camp. The military leaders were invited to tell you about the situation of international military struggle and political and economic competition, improve your national defense awareness and sense of national crisis, and deepen the understanding of the significance of the great discussion of "building a prosperous, beautiful and civilized Dalian with cohesion" from the deep and higher levels, At the same time, by visiting the daily life of the army and participating in the target training, we will cultivate organizational discipline and team cohesion. During the activity, the company brought condolences money to the officers and soldiers, and also replaced 500 plastic steel windows for the troops, which greatly improved the living conditions of the children and soldiers, received a warm welcome from the officers and soldiers, and harmonious the military-civilian relationship.

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