2011 Let's walk together

In the face of the increasingly complex and profound impact of the international financial crisis and the serious situation that the domestic real estate industry has once again entered a low ebb, the leaders of the Group Company carefully analyzed the situation, scientifically controlled the pace of development, and made careful decisions, so that the work of the enterprise in 2011 was steadily promoted, and the comprehensive benefits were steadily improved, and satisfactory results were achieved.

First, guided by livelihood projects, real estate development has developed new vitality in steady progress. Take the 34000 square meters of affordable housing project in No. 9 and No. 10 buildings in Spring Water Zone B as a continuation project of real estate development, and focus on breakthroughs; The project of "Pengsheng · Hetianju", a public rental housing of 66000 square meters in the new sports city, was solemnly laid on December 12; The "San Ding Spring" project, which symbolizes the next spring of Pengsheng Enterprise, has also been successfully started. The second is to assume social responsibility and make new contributions to public welfare and philanthropy. After donating 50 million yuan to the Dalian Charity Federation to set up the "Pengsheng Public Welfare Fund", the "Sun Mingnan Love Dream Fund" was set up in Wafangdian City in 2011, and donated 20 million yuan to help poor farmers get rid of poverty and become rich. At the same time, 7.1 million yuan was donated to the Municipal Youth Development Foundation, Hope Project, "Love Month", secondary vocational education and employment. Third, it has stepped into the world's high-end field, and the popularity of the enterprise has soared again. Sun Mingnan, chairman of the Board of Directors, as a new leader of youth and a prominent representative of Dalian entrepreneurs, once again attended the "Summer Davos" forum and was interviewed by Premier Wen Jiabao and senior officials of the World Economic Forum, winning historic honors for Pengsheng Enterprises. Fourth, all staff are obliged to plant trees to beautify Dalian and highlight corporate citizenship. In the first quarter of Dalian's "Building a National Forest City" campaign, nearly 20 million yuan was invested and more than 3000 people were dispatched. It took more than 40 days to complete the greening area of more than 500 mu. Its "Wangfu Villa" was rated as the first batch of "urban modern agricultural demonstration areas" in the city. Fifthly, front-line workers competed for performance, and the development of auxiliary industry was reported frequently. The automobile comprehensive performance testing station affiliated to Haizhongquan Real Estate Co., Ltd. has achieved outstanding performance due to its strong management and technical innovation. On the basis of winning the "Advanced Station" for many years in succession, it was also awarded the honorary title of the first "Worker Pioneer" in the same industry by the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions. Sixth, the normalization of services for the benefit of the people and the implementation of spiritual civilization construction to the end. For summer flood prevention, we contributed to repair the rain leakage point of Penghui Primary School; In the heavy rain, five minibuses were dispatched to the key rain-stricken sections of the urban area, and more than 1500 people were sent to and from the trapped; Lu Jiang, the general manager, organized the heads of the departments directly under him to investigate the potential safety hazards of the projects under construction in the rainy season along the whole line, and disposed of the billboards, road signs, and construction fences that affect the safety of the people at one time; Sun Mingnan, the chairman of the Board of Directors, led the company's senior executives and technicians to go to the property company to solve 18 urgent problems on the site to ensure that the residents in the area were safe during the flood season. Seventh, we should closely adhere to the reality and do a good job in ideological and political work, so that the party building of enterprises can reach a new level. The company was rated as an advanced party committee at the district level, and a comrade was rated as an excellent party member at the municipal level; The whole party branch of Sanding Sea and Bai Yukun won the titles of advanced party branch and outstanding communist party member of the district non-public sector respectively; Two people were elected as district-level party representatives and attended the 11th party congress of the district; The work experience of the Party Committee has been promoted by the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee in the city, and a total of 11 articles have been published in national, provincial and municipal special magazines. Eighth, seek opportunities to strengthen soft power, and highlight social benefits. The enterprise has won 23 individual or collective honors above the city level. Among them, Sun Mingnan, the chairman of the Board of Directors alone, won 10 honors, including "2010 Dalian Model", "the 10th Dalian Top Ten Outstanding Youth", "2011 Dalian Economic Person of the Year", "Dalian Outstanding Entrepreneur", "Liaoning Province May Day Labor Medal", and was elected as a representative of the Municipal People's Congress, vice chairman of the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, vice chairman of the Municipal Youth Federation and other important social positions. At the same time, the Group has also won 12 honorary titles such as "China Real Estate Credit Enterprise", "China Excellent Corporate Citizen", "Dalian Top 100 Enterprises", and the first batch of "AAA" credit enterprises in the city. The achievement of these honors has effectively improved the popularity of the enterprise and created a good social and cultural environment for the sustainable development of Pengsheng Enterprise in the future.

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