Haizhong Quan won the second place of Liaoning Province's motor vehicle comprehensive performance test skill contest

On December 23, 2011, the three-day "Motor Vehicle Comprehensive Performance Test Skills Competition" in Liaoning Province was successfully concluded. A total of 30 teams participated in the competition. Five representatives from the Haizhong All-Auto Comprehensive Performance Test Station won the second prize of the group after fierce competition.

The event was hosted by the Transportation Management Bureau of the Provincial Department of Transportation and hosted by the Provincial Automobile Comprehensive Performance Test Center. It was the peak competition among the experts in the automobile test industry in the province. Organizing competition can not only test the team and stimulate learning, but also provide a good opportunity to learn from others, innovate services and promote self-improvement. To this end, Haizhong Quan made careful preparations, and set up a special team led by the stationmaster Shan Chunfeng and guided by the deputy stationmaster Liang Guiming. Through the theoretical examination and practical competition, we selected the five comrades who can best represent our strength, and formed a team to fully prepare for the war.

On December 21, the martial arts competition officially kicked off. After the first two rounds of competition, 15 participating teams were eliminated, and the Haizhong All-Representation Team successfully advanced to the third round. The final round of the competition was extremely fierce, and the scores of the teams were even after the required answer, and the gap gradually emerged after the challenge. At this time, Haizhong Quan did not take the lead. In the final risk question, all the members of the team were under great pressure, with the tenacious will of Pengsheng people and the courage to be the first, to face the difficulties and finally win back the score, and to win the honor of the second place of the group in one fell swoop and win glory for Pengsheng Enterprise.

This competition once again showed the basic strength of Pengsheng Enterprise to the outside world. At the same time, through this platform, we gathered together with 30 peers from the province, and the elites from all walks of life competed to present their skills, learn from each other, and communicate with each other. This is undoubtedly of great benefit to us to broaden our horizons, open our minds, learn new external experience, and promote our own innovation and progress.

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