Sun Mingnan, Chairman of Pengsheng Enterprise Board of Directors, was elected Vice Chairman of the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce

On December 17, 2011, the 14th member congress of the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce was held at Bangchui Island Hotel. Sun Mingnan, chairman of the board of directors of Pengsheng Enterprise, was elected as the vice chairman of the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce.

In recent years, Pengsheng Enterprise, on the basis of its commitment to becoming bigger and stronger, has developed and never forgotten to give back to the society. After undertaking the construction of two affordable housing projects, it has undertaken a public rental housing project with a huge amount of money, and has become an example of actively participating in the construction of people's livelihood projects in Dalian; Enthusiastically focusing on social philanthropy, the poverty relief fund established in the name of enterprises and individuals ranks the first in the province in terms of amount, and its capital injection method is also constantly innovating. Pengsheng's outstanding contribution to the all-round development of Dalian's economy and society by practicing corporate social responsibility has been highly recognized by the municipal party committee, municipal government and charitable departments at all levels, and has been widely praised by all sectors of society. After the meeting, Chairman Sun Mingnan said: "I feel that the burden on my shoulders is heavier. The truth-seeking and pragmatic attitude is the fine tradition I inherited from my parents. No matter what the future, I will continue to adhere to the cause and philosophy of Pengsheng people."

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