Pengsheng Enterprise held the commemorative activity of 20 years of entrepreneurship, which made the warm and cold March full of strong spring

March 18, 2012 is the 20th anniversary of Dalian Pengsheng's entrepreneurship. Pengsheng in the festival is filled with a festive atmosphere. In front of the Pengsheng headquarters building, the big red banners of "Warmly celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding of Pengsheng Enterprise", the huge banners of "Kunpeng Spreads its wings for 90000 miles and calls for leapfrog development", and "Unite and forge ahead along the path of Pengsheng's characteristic rise" waved in the wind. The spacious and bright reception hall on the first floor is filled with congratulatory flower baskets of all subordinate companies and friends from all walks of life. The statues of Laozi and Confucius, the saints of Chinese civilization, who were just invited in before the festival, are listed on the east and west sides of the hall, which further reflects the profound cultural heritage of Pengsheng Enterprise. At the same time, the author noticed that the staff restaurant, which is about to hold the luncheon of the 20th anniversary, is also decorated. The golden curtain is hung around and wrapped with huge pillars. The scarlet carpet extends from the elevator room to the banquet hall. The two sides of the passage are also filled with large flower baskets to celebrate the festival, which makes the festival atmosphere more intense and active.

At 10:18 a.m., with the roar of 20 salutes, Ren Hongguang, the executive vice general manager of the company, announced the official start of the commemoration. First, a flag-raising ceremony was held. Accompanied by the exciting and magnificent music, the company's flag rose slowly with the national flag, and more than 120 company leaders and staff representatives from all fronts of the company lined up to pay attention. Subsequently, Sun Mingnan, chairman of the board of directors of Pengsheng Enterprise, made a brief speech and took a group photo with other leaders of the company.

At 11:38, the celebration lunch was held in the company restaurant. Accompanied by a relaxed and happy music, Sun Mingnan, chairman of the board of directors of Pengsheng Enterprise, hugged her mother, Ms. Sun Yuhua, and walked into the banquet hall accompanied by other leaders of the company. The scene immediately burst into thunderous applause.

People who are immersed in the festivities are full of emotion. Looking back on the past 20 years, the achievements have been remarkable and encouraging. In addition to creating considerable economic and material wealth for the society, we have also created an amazing series of achievements in the ideological, cultural and management fields. After 20 years of hard practice, we have cultivated and polished a large number of management and technical talents for enterprises and society, which is of great value and significance for the development of enterprises, society and even individual life; After 20 years of painstaking efforts, we have successfully created a product and service brand with unique characteristics of Pengsheng, which is invaluable to us. In Dalian, everyone knows about Pengsheng; After 20 years of grinding and rain baptism, we have created Pengsheng people's own corporate culture. The concept of "Kunpeng thousands of miles, life for the people" has taken root, and has changed from a slogan to Pengsheng people's self-discipline and self-consciousness; After 20 years of thinking and carving, we have formed our own scientific management pattern, and are preset a more scientific and reasonable industrial layout and its corresponding management structure; After 20 years of concerted efforts and painful games, we have selected and formed our own reliable strategic partners and formed a relatively fixed industrial ecosystem

Be alert when things are in full swing and calm when things are in danger. At present, we are at a historic juncture. The world political, military and economic pattern is undergoing profound changes. The domestic economic situation is also complex and changeable. The company's development has encountered unprecedented challenges, but it also provides us with opportunities and possibilities to adjust and innovate.

The president said that people can't have pride, but they can't have pride. As long as we adhere to the correct line of "seeking truth from facts and being brave in innovation", closely unite around the leadership with the president as the core, closely rely on the wisdom and creativity of all staff and masses, firm confidence, down-to-earth, assess the situation, and work hard, we will certainly be able to overcome any difficulties on the way forward that others cannot, and open up a new Xintiandi in the face of difficulties and dangers, Push our cause to a more brilliant and splendid next 20 years!

President Sun Mingnan delivered an impassioned toast. On behalf of his father, he thanked the two generations of the company for their great contributions to the development of Pengsheng for 20 years, thanked the party, government and all sectors of society for their warm attention and strong support to Pengsheng, and wished Pengsheng a better and brighter future. Lu Jiang, the general manager of the group company, made a speech on behalf of the company's older leaders. He reviewed the entrepreneurial history of Pengsheng, thanked all colleagues for their cooperation, thanked the party and government for their care and support and the support of friends from all walks of life, and wished Pengsheng a prosperous and brilliant future!

It is reported that the celebration of Pengsheng's 20 years of entrepreneurship has received wide attention from governments at all levels, leaders and all sectors of society. They have presented gifts and sent congratulatory messages. The major mainstream media in the city scrambled to publish special greetings in prominent places, and all branches and subordinate units have also pulled out banners to express their congratulations. The group company has ordered commemorative badges and commemorative cups for every employee, which is intended to remind every Pengsheng person to keep history and future, honor and responsibility in mind and in hand, not complacent, not afraid of difficulties, not stop, concentrate on, do everything possible, base on their own positions, do a good job and perfect all work, for the overall revitalization of Pengsheng enterprises, and for the arrival of a new round of development in the development history of Pengsheng, And strive hard!

The leaders of the group company also attended the ceremony, including Luo Yue, Sun Wei, Lu Jingbin, etc.

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