Sketch of Pengsheng Enterprise's 2nd Hot Summer Happy Gathering

On June 25, Pengsheng Enterprise's second "Hot Summer Joy Gathering" large-scale outdoor leisure activity was held in Dalian Wangfu Villa Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. The purpose of the activity is to promote the communication between various departments of the enterprise, enhance the friendship between employees, and prepare for the realization of the leapfrog development goal of the enterprise in the next stage.

The organization department prepared many interesting activities for you, such as "Roller King Championship", fishing, shuttlecock kicking, badminton, and so on. Everyone enjoyed themselves. In particular, the "Roller King Championship" was even more exciting. After five rounds of competition, four players won the championship and runner-up respectively, winning the special gift prepared by the company leaders. In this event, the enterprise office, logistics department and Wangfu Villa prepared barbecue food, delicious seasoning and fresh fruit for everyone. At noon, everyone gathered together to eat self-help barbecue and enjoy delicious food together. The villa echoed with warm laughter everywhere.

During the activity, we met in the mountains and rivers, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and felt the tranquility and tranquility of the villa together. While relaxing the tension and harvesting health and happiness, we also had enough electricity for our next work. More importantly, through this activity, the feelings between employees were enhanced, the cohesion of the enterprise was strengthened, and the enterprise spirit of "entering Pengsheng Gate is one family" was fully demonstrated.

Employees gather to participate in the launch ceremony

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