Share a piece of love under the blue sky

On a sunny Sunday, July 10, 2011, at 7:30 am, some employees of Pengsheng Enterprise gathered in the company's courtyard on time. Today, they will participate in a very meaningful public welfare activity on behalf of Pengsheng Enterprise - offering love to Taiping Lingxiang Hope Primary School in Zhuanghe City, accompanied by lovely volunteers from the Dalian Youth Volunteer Association.

Since its establishment, Pengsheng Enterprise has never forgotten to give back to the society and be grateful to the society while striving for its development. In recent years, we have actively participated in various public welfare activities. Today, we have the honor to carry the love of the enterprise and pass it on to the children who yearn for a better life. At noon, we arrived at Taiping Lingxiang Hope Primary School. The parents and children who had been waiting for a long time at the school gate expressed their welcome to us with the most sincere and simple applause and smiles. Taiping Lingxiang Hope Primary School is a school built with love. With the continuous attention of the society, the environment here has also improved. However, some children from poor families will be distressed because they can't afford a schoolbag, a book, or even a pencil. Today, we sent some clothes and school supplies to the children, hoping that they can feel the attention and expectations given by the society. When we send every love to them, the choked thanks and deep bows touched our hearts. The children carry the hope of the society. We also hope to use the love from the society to irrigate them and let them grow up happily. At the end of the activity, the lovely children said that they would study hard and repay the society! This is what we all look forward to

Love is the call of the heart, love is silent, and our life becomes beautiful because of love. Love is more than echo. It will return whatever you send; Love is like planting. It will harvest whatever you sow. Start from the drop and pass on love

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