To forget the memory

On August 12, 2002, after leaving more than 8 million square meters of housing for the city of Dalian, Mr. Sun Shengyou, the 71-year-old old chairman of the New Group, completed his extraordinary journey of life. The 54-year-old entrepreneur who started his business for 18 years has created a new group. His life is full of legends, and he is known as the "king of civilian real estate".

He is not only a shrewd and wise businessman, but also an optimistic and kind old man; Diligence, thrift and kindness are the simple portrayal of his life.

Although it was nine years later, his departure still made his family, relatives and friends and the people who had benefited from him think endlessly. Over the past nine years, we have gradually come out of the sadness of his old man's death. Now we have compiled and distributed an article about the missing of his grandfather and the inheritance of his spirit by Mr. Sun Mingnan, the chairman of the board of directors of Pengsheng Enterprise, Mr. Sun Shengyou's grandson. During this period, we can not only review the past course of the new group, but also recall the little things that Mr. Sun Shengyou has done along the way; At the same time, based on the current development of Pengsheng Enterprise, it inherits the spirit of Mr. Sun Shengyou and wishes to remember his family.

For the real estate industry in Dalian, today is a memorable day - time flow, the old predecessor of the real estate industry, Mr. Sun Shengyou, the old chairman of Dalian New Group, has passed away for the ninth anniversary. In the real estate industry for which he has strived all his life, the title of "king of civilian real estate" is more appropriate for him. Yimaogou Community, Houjiagou Community, Scientist Apartment, Paoya New Area... It can be said that he has set a real path for the real estate industry in Dalian to make people "affordable and affordable", and his spirit is the same as the current central government's proposed construction of affordable housing, and still affects the current development of its children and grandchildren.

At the age of retirement, you have started the process of entrepreneurship

At the age of 23, I started the continuation of my career

"There are tens of thousands of houses in the city, and all the poor people in the world are happy." Grandpa, when you started your business, I was just born. For most people, at the age of 54, you should have retired home and enjoyed the happiness of your children and grandchildren, but you have created a brilliant career miracle precisely from this age: people will not forget that you have developed more than 8 million square meters of housing from scratch, such as Yimaogou Community, Houjiagou Community, Scientist Apartment, and Paoya New Area, which has solved the housing problem of nearly one tenth of the population in Dalian at that time; People will never forget that the new enterprise group you led has paid hundreds of millions of yuan of tax to the state; People will never forget that when you were alive, you donated more than 400 million yuan to the society for free to build kindergartens, schools, hospitals, parks and squares.

Although I can't go back to the hard process of starting a business with only four people and four chairs, from a house repair company with nothing to an enterprise with billions of yuan of assets, I still know more or less about the difficulty of your initial business through the stories of my parents. Although you were poor at that time, you bravely challenged your life and created brilliant achievements with your profound knowledge, rich social experience and wise mind. When I started the inheritance of my career, I realized that it is not easy for you to lay the foundation of your career. Some people may think that compared with my peers, I have saved a lot of entrepreneurial struggle and hardships, and everything seems to be "inherited from my father, and it is natural". However, it is this "good luck" that has become the motivation for me to prove myself with achievements.

In the past few years in charge of Pengsheng, I have had both opportunities and challenges. When I joined hands with Davos and became a member of the Global Growth Company of the World Economic Forum, I was proud of the value of this honor. This shows that Pengsheng stands on the stage of the world economy and has the most cutting-edge dialogue and exchange with the leaders of various industries, which shows everyone's recognition of my achievements; However, I am also soberly aware that in the process of accelerating the adjustment of economic globalization, more people will still face serious challenges. When the financial crisis hit, facing the situation that many enterprises had to rely on layoffs to survive, I still adhered to the concept of "people are wealth rather than burden", and through joint efforts with employees, I passed through the most difficult period. Although you were no longer with me when I went through all this, your entrepreneurial spirit inspired me all the time. When your grandchildren are proud of you, it is not only because you have created a brilliant career, but also because you are not afraid of the hardships of starting a business from scratch, so that I can see the spiritual power of career inheritance. Your everlasting compassion and good moral character in life and work are also the most proud life wealth of your grandchildren.

Motivation of entrepreneurship, building good houses for the people

Inherit the cause and stick to the faith

Grandfather, grandchild still remember that you once said, "Real estate cannot deviate from the needs of the public, and there will always be a market for affordable housing for the public." Over the years, it is your residential concept of serving the people that has guided us to achieve the sustainable development of the enterprise.

When you see the famous national residential project demonstration community at home and abroad - "Paoya New Area", who would think that this paradise like human community was still a desolate low-lying shantytown and natural small village before 1992; When the "Nesting and Phoenix Attraction Project" - "Scientist Apartment" was completed, who would have thought that you even sold the office building at a low price of 5 million yuan to overcome the difficulty of serious shortage of funds; When the "masterpiece of Dalian in the new century" - "Spring Water Community" was completed, who would have thought how much effort you have spent to create an environmental revolution in the residential area. I used to hear my father say that grandpa's business philosophy is very unique - "build houses for the people, we must make small profits, small profits and high sales." When I saw how a series of high-quality and low-cost residential areas developed by grandpa have won the public praise and the praise of the government, I really felt your spirit of building houses for the people, that is, let the people live in good houses.

Your spirit of building houses for the people also determines the business philosophy of Pengsheng Enterprise "Kunpeng thousands of miles, life for the people". I remember that at the end of 2007, when I officially took over Pengsheng, the two livelihood projects of Spring Water affordable housing and Shimenshan affordable housing had entered the construction stage, which were not only affected by the sudden increase in the cost of building materials, but also seriously affected by the global financial crisis and the low level of China's real estate industry. Faced with the huge pressure and risk of hundreds of millions of yuan of capital, I have been embarrassed and hesitated, but thinking of your determination to overcome difficulties in running the enterprise, I resolutely increased investment, not hesitate to give up the profits of other advantageous projects, seek social benefits, focus on the construction of two batches of affordable housing projects, and finally deliver them to the Dalian Municipal Government with quality, quantity and schedule. I believe that if you see all this, you will also be proud of me, because the way I am going is exactly what you want to see, and this business philosophy of "people-oriented, life-long for the people", I will always adhere to it as a valuable personality precipitated from the baptism of wind and rain.

In the future, we should do more charity

Grandpa, when you first gave me a name, you used the word "Nan". I know that it embodies grandpa's feelings of "surmounting difficulties", and also contains grandpa's deep meaning that he wants me to understand that "it is difficult to start a business and it is more difficult to keep it". I have been studying abroad with your expectations and instructions since I was young. Although I have experienced many hardships in this process, I have also learned a lot. However, my failure to grow up with you as a teenager has become a regret of my life.

Grandpa worked hard all his life and became ill from overwork. When he was seriously ill, he still showed tenacious vitality, which surprised the medical staff. At that time, I was still young and far away from overseas. I had no filial piety and could not reach the love of feedback. Every time I think about it, I feel extremely sad. At the centenary of the founding of Dalian, Sun Sheng's name and his footprint were forever engraved on the centenary relief of Dalian Xinghai Square, which was the supreme honor that the people of the city rewarded him. Every time I stop there, I will feel my grandpa's broad mind like the sea at the end of the city sculpture, and pride will arise spontaneously!

Today, the grandson has returned from his studies. Under the guidance of his father, Pengsheng is on the path of secondary entrepreneurship, industrial integration, and diversified and sustainable development. Although I know that the journey of the second venture will not be completely smooth, and will encounter many twists and turns and hardships, I will succeed as long as I take the overall situation into consideration, adhere to the truth, be brave in innovation, and forge a broad mind and calm and tenacious perseverance like yours. In the course of your life, if I can understand what is the most, it is the charity of dedication to society. I still remember my father told me the story of you and an old man: there was a 78-year-old man who owed a lot of money to live in a new house when he moved. When you know it, you can free the old man's expenses without saying a word. Later, many people didn't believe it was true, but in the spacious and bright new house, when listening to the old man's moving cry, everyone was moved by your charity. We can see from you that only by "being more selfless and less selfish" and truly integrating into the society, can we get social rewards, and enterprises can also get the maximum development space.

Someone asked me, "How to balance the maximization of corporate benefits and social contribution?" As a leader of an enterprise, I certainly want to pursue the highest point of corporate profits, but now I understand the importance of serving the country and society with industry. Only by operating the enterprise from the standpoint of the country and people's livelihood can the enterprise be better. To this end, I have set up a "Pengsheng Charitable Public Welfare Fund" with a scale of 50 million yuan for the vulnerable groups in need of assistance in society. Remember grandpa's teachings: "You don't give money to the society, you are just a rich person, but you are not a valuable person." In the future, I will also set up a billion yuan charity fund in my own name, so that your philanthropic love knot can be inherited and sublimated in me.

Today, although heaven and man are separated forever, your blood flowing through me will continue your life, and your efforts, patience, kindness and selflessness will also be passed on from generation to generation! Grandpa, you are the pride of my life, and I will be your pride!

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Sun Shengyou:

Born in Jinxian County, Liaoning Province on February 13, 1931, he founded a new type of enterprise group in Dalian in 1984. He has won the honorary titles of National 500 Outstanding Entrepreneurs, National 100 Enterprise Management Masters, model worker of Liaoning Province, Special model worker of Dalian City, Excellent Communist Party Member of Dalian City, Standing Committee Member of Shahekou District People's Congress, etc.

About Sun Mingnan:

He was born in 1984 and studied in Canada since childhood. He returned from his studies in the second half of 2007. He served as the chairman of Dalian Pengsheng Enterprise and is now the chairman of the Board of Directors; Deputy to the 14th National People's Congress of Dalian; Executive member and standing member of Dalian Federation of Industry and Commerce; Vice President of Dalian Charity Federation; Vice President of Dalian Youth Federation. It has successively won honorary titles such as "China's Top Ten Outstanding Private Entrepreneurs", "Provincial May Day Labor Medal", "Dalian May Day Labor Medal", "Dalian model worker", "Dalian's 10th Top Ten Outstanding Youth", "Dalian Real Estate Special Contributors", and 2010 Dalian Ranking List.

Sun Sheng has a quote

"Is money like a snowball? It's getting bigger and bigger, right? But when the sun comes out, where is the snowball? At that time, it will return to the earth."

"A man who does not speak good faith is difficult to achieve great things. A man who does not speak good faith is not a gentleman."

"Everyone comes to the world and leaves the world without any money. Life does not bring death, and doing something is the greatest joy of life."

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