Sun Mingnan and Davos grow together

Yesterday, the annual meeting of new leaders in Davos 2013 was held at the International Conference Center of our city. This is the fourth time that Davos has been held in our city. Davos is growing. The young leaders of the guests are growing, and their enterprises are also growing. At noon yesterday, the reporter interviewed Sun Mingnan, chairman of the Board of Directors of Dalian Pengsheng Enterprise. As a representative of the local enterprises in Dalian, Sun Mingnan, from the unique perspective of Dalian entrepreneurs, confessed how to absorb the nutrition of the enterprise's own growth in this international high-end conference, not only embracing all rivers, but also following the perspective and vision of the farsighted, and not being conceited, but also finding the fit point and foothold suitable for the development of the enterprise in reality, His simple and original views are representative.



Davos was held in Dalian. It was an opportunity for local enterprise elites. On how to look at opportunities, Sun Mingnan told reporters that he hoped to create opportunities by himself rather than just looking for opportunities. He created opportunities more actively and scientifically; Looking for opportunities also shows initiative, but sometimes it also depends on luck. Sun Mingnan confessed that he likes fair trade best and no competition best. No competitors or fewer competitors can make him more relaxed. Of course, this is almost impossible to achieve in the market economy environment, so he needs to rely on his own think tank to seek opportunities for enterprise development. Sun Mingnan said that it is now time to pat his head to make decisions. Now he pays more attention to the opinions and opinions of the management team. Although there will be collisions and frictions, he cherishes this state very much. It is a very real state of free expression. In fact, it is very different from the guests in Davos to express their opinions. It is also this state that makes him understand how to play the role of the think tank in the team, Only this kind of collision and communication can make the team's decision more valuable and persuasive. As a promising young entrepreneur, the reporter asked him if he would mind being called the second generation, and he said frankly: "It doesn't matter. I never care about this kind of appellation, because it is a fact, and it can't be avoided at all."

The theme of Davos this year is innovation. On the old and timeless topic of innovation, Sun Mingnan is amazing. "Innovation? First, I don't, second, I don't, but I can copy, learn, and copy, which is also a way to save money for me." Some people said that in recent years, borrowing doctrine is not easy to use, but in Sun Mingnan's view, borrowing doctrine will always be useful, as long as you are willing to understand the strengths and weaknesses of others, and skillfully turn it into something in your own corporate culture, transform and adapt, and draw on the strengths of others, Only then can we really make ourselves stronger and stronger. The so-called innovation is to let oneself invent a set of unique secrets with revolutionary measures. Sun Mingnan admits that he has no such talent. But from this unique understanding of innovation, you can easily see that Dalian entrepreneurs have not been confused by the brainstorming at Davos, but have really turned into their own unique understanding and absorption, and combined with the practical basis, have found a more pragmatic and rational enterprise development path. Hope to create opportunities instead of just looking for opportunities, do not understand innovation but can learn

When he first joined Davos, Sun Mingnan was only 23 years old. He made no secret of the great satisfaction of his vanity when he was surrounded by the media at the conference. In Dalian dialect, he called it "very popular and very addictive". Now, in his thirties, the increasingly calm and sophisticated young leader in Dalian has gradually adjusted his position. "I want to stay away from this feeling of being the focus, and should be more pragmatic." This is Sun Mingnan's current position, He said: "First, I am not an artist, and second, I am not a celebrity. I think it is the most appropriate choice to do a good job in business and make my business to a higher level." Obviously, growing up with Davos is not only the age, but also the mind of a young entrepreneur. His world outlook and enterprise development outlook are constantly being adjusted. With regard to the spiritual guidance of the Davos conference, Sun Mingnan expressed in a very pragmatic attitude that what he needed was difficult to achieve in the current environment, so he would adjust his positioning and thinking to make the enterprise development path more stable and feasible. Although he has always said that he is like a frog in a well in Davos, his personal experience and vision have grown and matured with Davos, followed by the growth and improvement of his enterprise in recent years. According to him, the company has operated affordable housing projects in the spring area and Shimen Mountain in the past two years. He said that there is a difference between affordable housing and commercial housing. There is no big sales cycle. Although the initial investment is huge, the capital withdrawal cycle is short. Later, he developed a school district project with a building area of nearly 450000 square meters on the north side of Mingzhu Road on the east side of Zhangqian Road. Because he didn't want to throw away his old business, the initial investment of this project was about 1.3 billion, which was also an improvement for the enterprise. In the future, the company will acquire local companies in Dalian and really participate in the operation of capital.

In addition, the company also introduced one of the world's three major sports car brands, Lotus, into the three northeastern provinces and became the only general agent in the northeast region. Ideas determine direction, thinking determines productivity, and an entrepreneur's vision determines the development of an enterprise. In this benign promotion of mutual cause and effect, Sun Mingnan has come to his own answer. This is probably the positive effect of a person interacting with a forum for many years, and it is also the enrichment and promotion that an entrepreneur must experience in the process of growth.

In the first year of life, we should be more pragmatic. Ideas determine direction, and thinking determines productivity

Wonderful sayings

"Innovation? First, I don't, second, I don't, but I can copy, learn, and copy, which is also a way to save money for me." -- Sun Mingnan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dalian Pengsheng Enterprise

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