Creating opportunities is more scientific than finding opportunities

n 2008, 23-year-old Sun Mingnan became the youngest new leader in the Summer Davos Forum. Now Sun Mingnan, who participated in Summer Davos for the sixth time, is nearly 30 years old. Maybe he enjoyed being surrounded by the media on the forum, but now he seems to prefer to stay away from the focus and the spotlight.

"Affordable housing saved my life"

Since 1993, Pengsheng has been mainly engaged in real estate projects, but after his son inherited his father's business, in addition to real estate, Pengsheng has developed towards finance, automobile, commerce, warehousing, logistics and modern agriculture. Such diversified development is also inspired by Davos in summer. Sun Mingnan remembered clearly that it was the discussion space with the theme of "maintaining innovation advantage" that he participated in in Davos in the summer of 2009. Perhaps it is the special significance of this "brainstorming", so Sun Mingnan remembers every detail at the beginning. "As soon as I entered the gate of the conference, I received a piece of purple paper. According to the color, I found my own group among the 35 entrepreneurs I participated in. Each group had to finish their homework within the specified time, and the topic of the homework was the evolution of China's consumption trend in the next five, 10, and 20 years, including the political, economic, social and technological fields." Sun Mingnan recalled... This was the problem to be solved by this "brainstorming". "At that time, Pengsheng was mainly engaged in real estate, but the real estate industry was obviously not among the sustainable development industries in China in the next 20 years... So at the end of that summer Davos, Pengsheng proposed the enterprise strategy of diversified development. The affordable housing project saved my life. The project itself is beneficial to the country and the people, and such a project does not have a long sales cycle, and the return of funds is also fast." Sun Mingnan said.

Creating opportunities is a tailor-made opportunity

From the perspective of Pengsheng enterprise development, at present, the main business income of real estate accounts for 50% to 55%, and other businesses are also close to half of the country. "In fact, some of the things we have done in recent years also depend on courage. Without courage, there will be no output. For example, we shot" There is a situation here "with a blast. I didn't expect this water test will be so successful. I also didn't expect that other industries besides real estate will be so successful." Sun Mingnan said with some pride. "For example, last year, we introduced the famous British sports car LOTUS and got the general agent of the three northeastern provinces. Our 4S store invested more than 20 million yuan, including the agency rights, about 40 million yuan. I think it is still considerable based on the annual rate of return of 20%. I think it can last longer than real estate. It is not so widely affected by the policy, and I am also interested and willing to invest."

Sun Mingnan revealed that in the future, he would also acquire several listed companies in Dalian by holding shares or participating in shares. "We think that creating opportunities by ourselves is more scientific than looking for opportunities. Looking for opportunities, I think it is the opportunities created by others to seize, but creating opportunities is a kind of opportunity tailored for ourselves!

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