"Pengsheng Share Sunshine" subsidizes students with difficulties to attend vocational schools for free

On July 13 and 16, the Youth League Municipal Committee, the Municipal Bureau of Education and the Municipal Youth Foundation, together with Pengsheng Enterprises, held the 2012 Dalian Hope Project "Pengsheng Share the Sunshine" secondary vocational school students with financial difficulties free of charge enrollment promotion meeting in Pulandian City, Wafangdian City and Zhuanghe City. Sun Mingnan, the chairman of the Board of Directors, was invited to attend the promotion meeting as an enterprise representative.

"Pengsheng Share the Sunshine" secondary vocational education is aimed at current or former junior high school graduates who cannot accept high school education due to family difficulties and other reasons. Pengsheng enterprises will contribute to help these students participate in secondary vocational education. In her speech, Sun Mingnan, chairman of the board of directors of Pengsheng Enterprise, sincerely hoped that the students could experience themselves in poverty, improve themselves in seeking knowledge, surpass themselves in practice, and be able to invest in and participate in charity when they have the ability in the future, so as to convey the love of charity to people in need of help in society. Zhao Hong, secretary of the CPC Dalian Youth League Municipal Committee, spoke highly of the charity of Pengsheng Enterprise in her speech. She said that "Pengsheng shares the sunshine" secondary vocational education funded students, happy students' families, shared the worries of the Party and the government, solved the difficulties of the people, and did practical things for the youth.

It is reported that Pengsheng Enterprise distributed a total of 1067500 yuan of Pengsheng special fund for secondary vocational education to 786 secondary vocational students in 51 secondary vocational schools last year. This year, Pengsheng Enterprise continued to donate 2 million yuan to the Shared Sunshine Project, providing special secondary vocational education funds for students from poor families in our city, and providing a minimum of 1000 yuan per student per year.

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