The party committee of the group company, the whole party branch of Sanding Sea and three party members were commended by the superior

On June 28, at the commendation meeting for the ninety-first anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Ganjingzi District's non-public enterprise system and the activity of striving for excellence, Pengsheng's party building work gained another bumper harvest. Lu Jiang, the general manager and secretary of the party committee of the group company, was rated as the outstanding communist party member of the whole district. Fu Zhibin, the company's party committee, the whole party branch of Sanding Haizhong, the deputy director of the development department, and Sun Xiaodong, the deputy director of the marketing planning department, were awarded the advanced party committee and the advanced party branch of the district's non-public enterprise system, respectively The title of Excellent Communist Party Member and Excellent Party Affairs Worker.

At the same time, Comrade Lujiang's advanced deeds were specially recommended and broadcast in the column of "The Communist Party Themed Essay Solicitation Activities Around Me" of the People's Government of Ganjingzi District, Dalian, with the title of "Throw oneself down and work for the Party wholeheartedly".

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