Pengsheng Enterprises Held the Third Summer Happy Festival

On July 14, the third Summer Happy Gathering of Pengsheng Enterprises with the theme of "expressing the passion of summer and enjoying the beauty of the villa" was "staged" in Wangfu Villa. Sun Mingnan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Luo Yue, Deputy General Manager, Sun Wei and other leaders of the group company shared the happy gathering with nearly 300 enterprise employees and family members.

The Happy Gathering consists of three parts: "Happy Treasure Hunting", "Fishing in Mountain Manor" and "Delicious Barbecue". In the "Happy Treasure Hunt", we all participate in it, no matter whether we find the "treasure" or not, and enjoy the happiness in it; There are many fishing experts in "Mountain Manor Fishing". If you have harvest, you will not monopolize it. Share it with you and double your happiness; "Delicious barbecue" is the focus of this activity. We talk heartily and chat freely in the delicious food, share our friendship, and enjoy ourselves.

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