The enterprise organizes employees to participate in healthy labor in Wangfu Villa

On the morning of June 9, more than 180 leaders and employees from all functional departments and branches of the enterprise gathered in Dalian Wangfu Villa Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. to participate in the healthy labor of the villa organized by the enterprise. Sun Mingnan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, came to the scene in person, and Luo Yue and Sun Wei, Deputy General Manager, led the team.

Before the labor, Luo Yue, the deputy general manager, made a mobilization speech, clarifying the significance of the enterprise's organization of employees' labor, and put forward requirements and precautions. Subsequently, five teams, led by the flags of Pengsheng, Penghui, Zhongshang, Dingjian and Xiangyu, rushed to their respective work sites. This labor task includes weeding, greenhouse erection, vegetable field stone cleaning and other parts. The villa has arranged special personnel to guide different tasks, and prepared handy labor tools. The day was sunny and the temperature was high, but the employees in the working enterprise actively participated, did not fear hardship, and cooperated and encouraged each other to successfully complete the scheduled work tasks. During the labor break, the villa sent apples from its own orchard to let employees share the rich fruits of the villa; After the end of labor, the villa prepared green vegetables from its own vegetable garden for the staff to take back and taste.

Through this form of healthy labor, the enterprise hopes that its employees will come out of the office and get the opportunity to be close to the land, green plants and nature while participating in the construction of the villa. On the other hand, it hopes that the employees will experience the spirit of hard work in the actual work. This labor is also an important carrier of corporate culture construction, enabling employees to enhance team cohesion in cooperation and better reflect this spirit in actual work.

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