Pengsheng Enterprise participated in the "10th Dalian International Hiking Conference"

The enterprise team is led by the five group flags of Pengsheng, Penghui, Zhongshang, Dingjian and Xiangyu, and converges into the city's sea of hiking teams like five dragons. Pengsheng people dress uniformly, queue neatly, and are full of spirit. They become highlights in the hiking team, and also show Pengsheng's corporate image invisibly. Pengsheng's hiking team set out from Xinghai Square, along Binhai Road, passed through Forest Zoo, Fujiazhuang Park, Yanwo Ridge, and North Bridge, and gathered at Tiger Beach, and finally completed a 10-kilometer hike. It is worth mentioning that the "leading force" of the enterprise has made great efforts along the way, and the "big force" has also kept pace. The ambition of "Kunpeng Wanli" has been fully demonstrated, which is talked about by all Pengsheng people. After the hiking, the enterprise distributed commemorative gifts to all the employees who participated in the hiking to encourage them, and took a group photo at the destination.

Wang Nan, Group Office

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