Sun Mingnan won the May 4th Youth Medal

On May 4, the Xinghai Convention and Exhibition Center was glittering with the team emblem and the team flag. The "90th Anniversary of the founding of the Communist Youth League, the 93th Anniversary of the May Fourth Movement and the Youth Model Award Ceremony" hosted by the Dalian Youth League Municipal Committee was held here. Sun Mingnan, chairman of the board of directors of Pengsheng Enterprise, was awarded the "May 4th Youth Medal", the highest honor for young people in Dalian. Tang Jun, member of the Standing Committee of Liaoning Provincial Party Committee and secretary of Dalian Municipal Party Committee, attended the event and delivered an important speech The "Dalian Youth May 4th Medal" is the highest honor awarded by the Youth League Municipal Committee and the Youth Federation of Dalian. Candidate conditions are almost harsh. They must be promising young people who have made outstanding achievements in their posts or made significant contributions in other aspects, have strong social influence, and have a typical exemplary role in guiding young people.



Comrade Sun Mingnan's ability to win this honor is closely related to his leadership of Pengsheng Enterprise to adhere to philanthropy, devote love, focus on people's livelihood development and abide by corporate citizenship responsibility over the years. He said, "I will lead my team to keep in mind the glorious mission given by the times, cherish the precious opportunity now, and actively participate in the great practice of reform and opening up and socialist modernization with firm faith, broad mind, creative passion and pragmatic attitude, and strive to be a vigorous promoter of scientific development and an active builder of a harmonious society."

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