Pengsheng Enterprise presents a gift to Bincheng, and Sanding Spring is hot

On September 20, 2013, Pengsheng Enterprise was shocked and announced, and the enterprise made another real estate effort to raise funds for the "Three Tripod Spring" project in the whole city! The European-style forest and water city with exotic flavor and the key double-school district with humanistic care have provided space for people's emotional and rational needs to be met. The grand and elegant construction style of the project makes luxury and simplicity linger, making people feel relaxed and happy in the center of the park, and can't forget to return for a long time!

On the day of subscription, there was a huge crowd of people rushing to buy and the scene was very hot. The Chairman of the Board of Directors personally assisted in the command, and the fundraising work was in order. The organizer prepared a number of entertainment items for the guests, including Las Vegas game area, children's amusement area, buffet area, cocktail tasting area, etc. Until the evening, people were still enthusiastic and full of interest. In the afterglow of the sunset, a very impressive stage show in the center of the lake made the guests feel the strong natural flavor of the forest water city.

The total construction area of the Sanding Spring Project is 400000 square meters. The overall style of the project is based on the European-style forest and water city. It belongs to the scarce low-density community in the city. The architectural forms are mainly garden houses and landscape houses. The winding stream surrounds the whole community, with the elegant, European and livable forest water city landscape, making people feel like they are in a flowing European castle. In terms of project design, various perfect apartment types can fully meet the needs of all kinds of people. It is believed that Pengsheng, as a local real estate giant in Dalian, will make more and more people who yearn for European life suddenly enlightened by its European style forest water city built with huge investment!

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