Pengsheng Enterprise extends a helping hand again to offer reassurance to the sick twin sisters

▲ Xiaozi Qi was quietly held in her mother's arms. Li Zhongxia looked at her daughter's little bald head from time to time, for fear of accidentally touching the infusion needle inserted on her head.



On the hospital bed, 3-month-old Xiao Ziqi kept coughing and her face was red. Her mother Li Zhongxia held Xiao Ziqi tightly to her chest with one hand and patted her daughter's back with the other hand. "I can hold her like this, but her sister is still in the intensive care unit, and I don't know how it is." Twins Ziqi and Ziyao were only one minute away from birth, but unfortunately, they were found to have congenital heart disease one after another, and both need manual treatment. In the face of high operating costs, Li Zhongxia and her husband had to make a difficult choice: to operate on Ziyao, who was seriously ill.

Sun Mingnan, the chairman of Dalian Pengsheng Group, as a microblogging expert, pushed this love to the top by a microblog: "The operation cost of the two children will be fully funded by our Pengsheng Group, and there is no need to choose one..." In order to express his sincerity, Sun Mingnan directly left the contact information of his secretary on the microblog for reporters to contact.

▲ Transferred from Sun Mingnan Weibo

Yesterday evening, Sun Mingnan assigned the company's secretary Ao to the Dalian Evening News Agency, and sat with our reporter and Li Zhongxia to analyze the condition of Ziqi and Ziyao in detail. During the period, Li Zhongxia revealed that her eldest daughter, Ziqi, was in stable condition and had been discharged from the hospital at present. Only after the review on time for nearly two months could she know the suitable time for surgery; However, Ziyao's condition is critical. Because of severe lung inflammation, Ziyao's breathing always depends on a ventilator. After hearing about the illness of Ziqi and Ziyao, Secretary Ao assured Li Zhongxia that the company would be responsible for the treatment costs of Ziqi and Ziyao. He would report to the leaders that night, and later he would come up with a specific and detailed rescue plan based on the illness of the two sisters.

▲ Transferred from Sun Mingnan Weibo


The relevant staff of the Dalian Charity Federation also called yesterday and said that since the parents of Ziqi and Ziyao had submitted the application materials to the Charity Federation, they had also been paying attention to the twin sisters. Yesterday, the Charity Federation has approved the application and contacted the Dalian Children's Hospital. The next step will be to cooperate with the hospital to go all out to help the twin sisters.

The wave of love is endless: yesterday afternoon, Dalian Yihe Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. also called this newspaper to say that it would subsidize Ziqi and Ziyao for surgery. According to relevant staff, after reading the newspaper, the president of the company had deep feelings about the two sisters' life experiences, and immediately arranged personnel to contact the reporter to implement the funding matters. "The president of the company said that the two poor children were seriously ill when they came into the world, and they had no choice. We had no choice. If the children were going to have surgery tomorrow, our company would send the money tomorrow!"

 --Excerpted from the report of Dalian Evening News on March 4 and 5, 2014




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