360 families in Sanding Spring Zone A are happy to leave

After nearly two years of quality training, from May 31, 2015, Sanding Spring Zone A was officially handed over in the expectation of the owners. 360 families have entered a new home and started a happy journey.

The house delivery site was full of colorful flags and flowers. The eager owners came to the site early and their faces were filled with the joy of moving. With the careful preparation of all departments of the Group and Ruiliande Property Company, the whole house delivery process was smooth and orderly. From the check-in area, the settlement area, the signing area, the property finance area, to the key and gift area, the staff of all processes strictly abide by their posts, provide warm service, patiently answer, and introduce the relevant delivery rules to the owners at any time, and guide them to handle the delivery procedures. In addition, a rest area has been set up at the site, with drinks and fruits ready, all of which only provide the owner with a warm and perfect experience of delivery.



When you enter Sanding Spring Zone A, you can see the elegant and quiet cultural town, and the beautiful garden view of one city, half of the forest and half of the water. 28 kinds of precious green plants in 6 categories, such as white magnolia and cluster birch, are laid out in an orderly manner, and the 40% greening rate is true. The clean and tidy boulevards, the gurgling streams, the elegant layout of the sculptures, the rest corridors and pavilions, and the safety guarantee of the diversion of people and vehicles all greatly improve the quality of life of the owners and create an excellent living environment.



The small European-style high-rise buildings with north-south transparency are neat and uniform. The exterior facade of the real stone paint is complementary to the dry-hanging stone, which deduces the magnificent momentum and atmospheric color vividly. The outline column, carved flower, octagonal room, each of which has exquisite craftsmanship. At the same time, Pengsheng Enterprise spared no cost to provide high-quality and large-brand building materials supporting facilities, Guangzhou Hitachi brand elevators and other household supporting facilities, so that the owners living in them can have a comfortable and high-end life experience. In addition, one elevator and two households are spacious, with a luxurious height of 3.15 meters, which allows the owner to enjoy the private life while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the garden.



In Sanding Spring, it is clear from the aspects of landscape planning, house design, engineering quality, building materials, etc. that Pengsheng people have always been demanding for quality, and the implementation of commercial and educational supporting facilities also reflects the development strength of Pengsheng enterprises and their responsibilities and responsibilities to the owners. At this moment, all this perfectly demonstrates the corporate creed that we have always adhered to - "Kunpeng Wanli, life for the people". We are willing to work with the owners to "build a dream world"!

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