The summer housing fair has come to a perfect end, and three tripods have become popular in spring

On July 11, the 2016 Dalian Summer Housing Fair successfully concluded at the Expo Plaza. The four-day housing fair is an unprecedented event with a huge crowd. Sanding Spring has become a bright pearl of this real estate fair, and become a hot selling property. In the face of the good houses in Sanding Spring, many customers have started the frenzy mode. The speed of house purchase and the volume of transactions are beyond the reach of other developers.


The popularity is so high that the hot sales are irresistible


Since its launch at the beginning of the year, Versailles Garden, the third-phase product of Sanding Spring, has been leading the Dalian property market with hot sales. At the real estate fair, it was once again popular with home buyers by virtue of its absolute advantages of 12 years of integrated quality education, the landscape planning of European-style forest and water city, the good size of large scale space, and the high cost-effectiveness of large discount range. The number of clients who came to the real estate fair for consultation was endless, and the turnover was among the best. A real estate buyer surnamed Wang spoke out the wishes of many customers: "There are many real estate projects in the real estate fair, but through comparison, I still think it is the most appropriate to buy Sanding Spring, with good education, good house type, good landscape, good location, and a large discount range. All aspects are quite prominent, and it may not be after not buying now."





Versailles Garden, it's a good time to upgrade


The Versailles Garden, so popular with home buyers, is the latest upgrade of Sanding Spring, and has been widely concerned since its launch at the beginning of the year. As the cultural market of Ganjingzi, the owner of the first phase of Sanding Spring has lived for one year, and the second phase of the product was also delivered perfectly at the end of May this year. The high-quality education facilities, excellent landscape facilities, and excellent house type quality make Sanding Spring famous in Bincheng. Versailles Garden, the third-period product, can be said to be a combination of the first two products.






In terms of education, the experimental primary school and Yuwen secondary school are equipped with two famous schools to make children grow up happily. Moreover, they are equipped with public kindergartens, and 12-year one-stop quality education is readily available; In terms of landscape, Versailles Garden continues the garden concept of "European forest and water city" of Sanding Spring as a whole, and through the four zoning plans of cloud song, water city, mountain valley, and forest court, it upgrades and creates the Italian classic tableland and water landscape, which makes the owner feel like walking along the stream in the forest when returning home; In terms of products, Versailles Garden is more abundant, with 35-155m2 full-age apartment, suitable for education/investment/wedding room, and regular apartment, enjoying sunshine and breeze all the time; In terms of supporting facilities, the second phase of the commercial school Golden Street has also been put on sale, with the main area of 70-160m2 and the expansion of the ever-changing Wangpu. The adjacent Ganjingzi Wanda Plaza and Leduhui are the icing on the cake for the rich life of the owners... The third phase of the Sanding Spring Versailles Garden has been upgraded in all aspects of the living experience, creating a first-rate quality residence.

At present, Versailles Garden's all-round two-room is in hot sale. 81m2 has access to two houses, which can satisfy all the dreams of a family, old and young. One step of home purchase will bring happiness to the whole family. There is only a limited number of seats available. If you want to buy them quickly, you can't afford to lose it.

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