Sun Mingnan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pengsheng Enterprise Group - plant a seed of charity and let it take root together

With the establishment of the "Pengsheng Charitable Public Welfare Fund", Sun Mingnan, chairman of the board of directors of Pengsheng Enterprise Group, was once again pushed to the front of the stage. What is the philanthropic concept of the chairman of the board of directors of the young group? At the launch ceremony, the reporter interviewed Sun Mingnan and felt his determination to inherit the charity of his father's generation and continue to carry forward.

Sun Mingnan first explained the reporter's first question: How is the number of donations determined? He told reporters that this time, in response to the government's call, 50 million yuan was invested to set up an enterprise fund, which was decided by the Board of Directors after research. 50 million yuan is the best amount that does not affect the enterprise's operation and does its best to do charity. Sun Mingnan said that the fund will be invested in 10 years, mainly for the education and medical fields that parents have been paying attention to, and appropriately expand to other fields.

Then Sun Mingnan explained the second question: How does he understand charity? Sun Mingnan said that charity should be done with a happy mood without affecting the normal operation of the enterprise. Pengsheng Enterprise not only establishes enterprise funds, but also supports and solves various difficulties encountered by the employees of the enterprise through the party committee and trade union of the enterprise at the first time, which has been widely recognized by the employees, making the concept of charity deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The size of the enterprise depends on the size of the philanthropy.

The third question: how to inherit and innovate on the basis of the philanthropy of parents? Sun Mingnan told reporters that this is exactly what he has always advocated. With the help of all sectors of society, Pengsheng Enterprise has developed from large to strong into a comprehensive enterprise group integrating real estate, financial investment, agriculture and commerce. In line with the business philosophy of "Kunpeng thousands of miles, life for the people", it has been brave to assume social responsibility and has invested more than 200 million yuan in public welfare undertakings. After more than three years in the Board of Directors, the establishment of the corporate fund should be said to be an innovation in corporate philanthropy and a new starting point for Pengsheng to donate to charity.

"Today we plant a seed of charity and let it take root." Sun Mingnan finally made a vivid summary.

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