Pengsheng Enterprise Sanding Spring Project Bidding Announcement

Dalian Pengsheng Enterprise, founded in 1993, is a large modern enterprise group integrating real estate development, financial investment, agriculture and commercial industries. Now, facing the whole society, we are inviting public bids for the Sanding Spring Project that our company is about to develop and construct.  

1、 Project overview.

Project name: Sanding Spring

Project address: Zhangqian Road, Ganjingzi District, Dalian

Project overview: the total construction area is 429960 square meters, the aboveground construction area is 318700 square meters, and the underground construction area is 111260 square meters.

2、 Scope of bidding.

1. The contracting part of the project: including construction, engineering supervision, earthwork engineering, fire protection, civil air defense, weak current system (including cable TV, telephone, broadband, building five-party communication, monitoring, intelligent, etc.), ventilation and air conditioning, gas internal and external lines, decoration, garden landscape, doors and windows (bridge-cut aluminum), iron fabrication and installation, geothermal, waterproof, external wall insulation, real stone paint, elevator Door (including building intercom door, entrance security door, Class A, B and C fireproof door) and other projects.

2. Material and equipment supply: including indoor and outdoor tiles, coatings, marble, roof tiles, sloping roof skylights, various art components, various water and electricity materials, etc.

3、 Bidder qualification requirements.

1. Qualification requirements.

With independent legal personality and no bad record, including:

1.1 Main building construction unit: it shall have the qualification level of general contracting of housing construction engineering above Grade 1, and the foreign enterprises shall have the construction permit for connection;

1.2 Supervision unit: with engineering supervision qualification above Class B;

1.3 Other professional subcontractors: have the professional contracting qualification for their own special projects.

2. Submission requirements.

The Tenderer shall provide enterprise profile, duplicate of business license, duplicate of qualification certificate, duplicate of safety production license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, legal person qualification certificate, power of attorney of legal person and identity certificate of authorized person, registered constructor certificate of project manager and main performance certificate The original and photocopy (with official seal) of the enterprise's performance certification materials in the past three years (subject to the signing of the contract, and the material and equipment supplier also needs to provide the product specification) and other relevant materials.

3. The consortium bid is not accepted in this bidding.

4. The project manager and management personnel to be dispatched shall have no project under construction, otherwise it shall be treated as abandoned bid.

4、 Instructions to Bidders.

1. The bidder shall, in accordance with the order of the above material requirements, bind a volume, set up a directory, seal and affix the official seal of the company to form the bid document, submit the prequalification of the bid to our company, and send it to Room 407 of Dalian Pengsheng Group Co., Ltd. before 15:00 on December 15, 2011. The Tenderee will not accept the overdue.

2. The bidding committee of our company will organize a field visit to the pre-qualified bidders according to the plan, and hold a bidding meeting to determine the suitable bid winner. The materials will not be returned to those who fail to pass the prequalification.

5、 Contact address and method.

Tenderee: Dalian Pengsheng Group Co., Ltd

Address: No. 47, Haiqiao Garden, Ganjingzi District, Dalian



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