Tender announcement

Pengsheng Enterprise Group, founded in 1993, is a large modern enterprise group integrating real estate development, financial investment, agriculture and commercial industries. Our group's "Sanding Spring" project is about to enter the development and construction stage, and the auto city exhibition hall project is about to start. Now we are open to the whole society for the decoration design and construction of Sanding Spring Exhibition Center (sales center) and auto city exhibition hall project.  

1、 Project overview and bidding scope:

1. Construction site:

Exhibition center: Zhangqian Road and Mingzhu Road, Ganjingzi District, Dalian;

Auto City Exhibition Hall: Xinghai Square, Shahekou District, Dalian

2. Construction scale:

Exhibition center: 3580 square meters for the three floors above the ground and 1260 square meters for the first floor underground

Auto City Exhibition Hall: 428 square meters on the first and second floors

3. Planned construction period: October 2012 - January 2013

4. Scope of bidding: decoration design and construction of exhibition center (sales center) and auto city exhibition hall.

2、 The bidder applicant shall provide (the following documents shall be stamped with official seal):

1. Copy of duplicate of business license

2. Copy of organization code certificate

3. Copy of tax registration certificate

4. Copies of qualification certificates required for the bidding project

5. Certificate of legal representative

6. Power of Attorney of Legal Person

7. Main performance table

8. Other supporting documents that the Tenderee deems necessary

9. Contact ID and contact information

3、 All design and construction enterprises with decoration design and construction qualification above Grade II and meeting the specified qualification conditions can apply to our group for participating in the bidding for the above bidding projects.

4、 The bid application shall be bound into a volume in the form of data provided above, and the contents shall be set. The cover shall be clearly marked with the words "bid application" and affixed with the official seal of the unit.

5、 After the application is sealed, it shall be sent to Room 407 or 201 of the office building of Dalian Pengsheng Group Co., Ltd. before 17:00 on August 24, 2012. Applications that are overdue or do not meet the requirements will be rejected.

Tenderee: Dalian Pengsheng Group Co., Ltd. Address: No. 47, Haiqiao Park, Ganjingzi District, Dalian

Zip code: 116033

Contact: Ao Shitao

Tel:86779995   Fax:86779995
Guoyiming:86779976  Fax:86779995

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