President Speech

The roc spreads its strong wings and flies to a height of ninety thousanddi.


Pengsheng, an enterprise full of youth and vitality, creates the splendor with efforts and good faith. Adhering to the operation philosophy that “Like roc flies high, serve the people all the life”, the Company has won much recognition among the clients and at the market with its continuous efforts and perfect service since its establishment in 1993. It started with the decoration engineering and developed rapidly and steadily, from the Pengsheng Garden of 20,000m² to the Penghui New Century of 350,000m².


Real estate development is a system with planning, design, construction and sale as well as many detailed links. However, with elaboration, good faith and humanization, Pengsheng people endow these links with simpleness and fashion. Pengsheng people fully unveiled the key conception of improving your living quality through our building functions by taking the energy-saving measures. Like the advancing era and the flying roc, Pengsheng people keep pace with the time, constantly forging ahead. Here has the perfect combination of building, the environment-friendly space, the green land full of hope and the smiling faces of clients.


Pengsheng is the product of the open era and the harmonics society. The merciful land gave birth to Pengsheng, backing the building blueprints of Pengsheng with wisdom and efforts. Therefore, Pengsheng people are aware of that only sincerely serving the people and the society can promote the healthy development. Pengsheng people are always grateful to their generous clients, sincere partners, friendly owners and the beautiful city Dalian.


Pengsheng is an infinite totem and symbol. We name after the roc(Kunpeng) just because we want to acquire the striving and heroic spirit of the hawk. The ancient great man Zhuge Kongming once said that any bird can extend its wings as along as it never gives up. We surely will occupy the infinite blue sky as long as we never draw our flying wings back.