2011: On December 29th, the company was rated as “the first batch of A-level credit enterprise in Dalian real estate development industry in 2011”


2011: On December 28, Chairman Sun Mingnan was named "2011 Dalian Economic Person of the Year"


2011: On December 21, the company was rated as “2009-2010 China Real Estate Credit Enterprise”


2011: On December 15th, in the “Sharing the Sunshine”-Secondary Education Employment Assistance Action jointly launched by the Youth League Committee and the Municipal Youth Foundation, the company donated 2.1 million yuan to help students with difficulties to attend vocational schools free of charge.


2011: The groundbreaking ceremony for the “public rental housing” project of the sports new city under construction by Pengsheng Enterprise was successfully held on December 12


2011: In December, Chairman Sun Mingnan was elected as the vice chairman of the Dalian Federation of Industry and Commerce.


2011: On December 4, the company was elected as the “Seventh China Excellent Enterprise Citizen” for the third time in a row.


2011: On October 27, Chairman Sun Mingnan donated RMB 20 million at the Wafangdian Charity Federation to establish the “Sun Mingnan Love Dream Fund” and was appointed as the Honorary President of the Wafangdian Charity Federation.


2011: In October, Chairman Sun Mingnan was elected as the vice president of Liaoning SME Federation


2011: On September 14th, Chairman Sun Mingnan attended the fifth "Summer Davos" Forum organized by the World Economic Forum in China (Dalian).


2011: On August 13th, the company's leaders attended the summer association of children with congenital heart disease held at the Zhongshan Hospital Club affiliated to Dalian University, and received recognition from the Municipal Charity Federation.


2011: On June 18th, Pengsheng Enterprise successfully held the "Commemoration of the 90th Anniversary of the Founding of the Party"


2011: On May 21, the company participated in the “Ninth International Walking Conference of Dalian”


2011: Chairman Sun Mingnan was elected as the vice chairman of Dalian Youth Federation in May


2011: On May 11th, the company was rated as the first batch of “AAA Credit Enterprise” in the real estate development industry of the city.


2011: On May 5, Chairman Sun Mingnan was awarded the 10th “Top Ten Outstanding Youth” in Dalian


2011: On April 28, Comrade Sun Mingnan won the "May 1st Medal of Liaoning Province in 2009-2010", and Ren Hongguang won the "May 1st Medal of Dalian in 2009-2010"


2011: On March 28th, Chairman Sun Mingnan participated in the City Hope Project Love and Aiding Activities, and donated 2 million yuan of love to the Hope Engineering Project.


2011: On March 27th, the company's investment filmed "There is a situation here" officially released


2011: On March 23, the east side of Zhangqian Road was successfully delisted, and the “Sanding Spring” project will be developed and constructed in phases.