Public Welfare

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Public Welfare

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2010: On November 16, Chairman Sun Mingnan donated 1 million yuan to the Hope Project to help poor students go to school.
2010: On November 7th, the company donated 50 million yuan to establish the “Pengsheng Charity Foundation” at the launching ceremony of the “Love Moon” event in Dalian.
2010: In November, Chairman Sun Mingnan was elected as the vice president of Dalian Charity Federation
2011: On January 9th, the company won the title of “2010 Dalian Real Estate Charity Star Enterprise”
2011: On January 9th, Chairman Sun Mingnan won the title of “2010 Dalian Real Estate Charity Pioneer”
2011: On January 21, the company donated 2 million yuan for the "Femoral Head Necrosis Relief Project" and "Congenital Heart Disease Treatment Project"
2011: In March, Chairman Sun Mingnan was elected as the “Deputy President of Dalian Youth Development Foundation”
2011: On March 28, Chairman Sun Mingnan participated in the city's “Hope Project” charity education and donated 2 million yuan for the project.
2011: On May 15th, the company's employee representatives participated in the launching ceremony of the Dalian Disabled Persons Service Team and the National Day for Helping the Disabled.
2011: On August 13th, the company's leaders attended the summer association of children with congenital heart disease held at Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Dalian University and accepted the commendation from the Municipal Charity Federation.
2011: In October, Chairman Sun Mingnan was hired as honorary president of Wafangdian City Charity Federation
2011: On October 14th, Pengsheng Enterprise representatives attended the inauguration ceremony of the “Firefly” Paradise Charity Project held in Zhuanghe
2011: On October 27, Chairman Sun Mingnan donated 20 million yuan at the Wafangdian Charity Federation to establish "Sun Mingnan Love Dream Fund"
2011: On November 16th, Chairman Sun Mingnan led the company's management team to visit the Xiyang Township of Wazhou City to visit the poor farmers to invest in helping the poor farmers get rich.
2011: On December 7th, Pengsheng Enterprise donated 500,000 yuan for the purchase of returning train tickets for even poor college students.
2011: On December 15th, in the “Sharing the Sunshine”-Secondary Education Employment Assistance Action jointly organized by the Youth League Committee and the Municipal Youth Foundation, Pengsheng Enterprise donated 210
2012: On March 28, Chairman Sun Mingnan attended the "Hope Project" Love Aid Conference and invested 20 million to establish the "Pengsheng Sunshine Fund"
2012: On March 28th, the company won the “2011 Dalian Hope Project Contribution Award”
2012: On March 30, Chairman Sun Mingnan was elected as the council member of Dalian Charity Foundation
2012: On July 13th, Chairman Sun Mingnan attended the “Pengsheng Sharing Sunshine” Secondary Vocational Education Admissions Promotion Conference and donated 2 million students with financial difficulties to work free of charge.