Dalian Zhongshang Transportation

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Dalian Zhongshang Transportation

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Dalian Zhongshang Transportation Co., Ltd., founded in 1980, is located in No.413, Houge St, Ganjingzi District, Dalian, 23km off Dalian Port, 40km off Dayaowan Port, and 11km off Xianglujiao Port. With an area of 133,000sq.m, the company mainly deals with storage and transportation of foodstuff, feedstuff, and materials, belonging to Ministry of Commerce.
Our storehouse includes outdoor ground, storeroom, living area, fire extinguisher, and railway platform. The outdoor ground has an area of 67,000sq.m, including cement area of 30,000sq.m, sand area of 37,000sq.m, 1000 occupancies, and once-storage of 53,800tons. There are two public railways of 1.93km, six storerooms in both sides, each of 1.870sq.m, totally 11,200sq.m for the storage of 15,000tons.
Since its establishment, it has been designated by Dalian Futures Goods Exchange Center, Dalian Northern Foodstuff Exchange Market, and Changchun Corn & Cornstarch Wholesale Market. With complete security and fire extinguishers, it is the ideal place for storing materials for the world clients.
Tel: 0411-86459375
Fax: 0411-86458359
P.C.: 116035
Railway Station: Gezhenpu, Dalian
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